M edia is just one of the tools in public relations, but it has a bigger goal: to spread messages that engage with the masses.

Public Relations delivers media consultancy, marketing, advertising negotiation and communication management to complement and improve the clients performance in a specific social environment.

VF Com elaborates a detailed analysis of all elements at play, ensuring that actions are correctly interpreted and accepted by their audience. Public Relations is a showcase that creates, not only directly to the public but also in the media, a better understanding of narratives.

Nowadays, business world is extremely competitive. Companies need to have an edge that makes them stand out in the crowd, more attractive and interesting to public and media attention.

A wise management of Public Relations evaluate public attitudes, identify policies and procedures of an organization, and implement communication programs to obtain acceptance.

If the public is the buyer and the media is the seller, Public Relations is the showcase that promotes a better understanding of the products or services, both in the media as in the public.

With the advent of the Internet and social networks, Public Relations gained a new dimension: bringing feedback from what the public “thinks”, allowing adjustments to real-time communication, especially through Social Media.

Communicate directly with your public

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