José Manuel Diogo

José-Manuel Diogo is a media intelligence practitioner, writer, opinion maker, lecturer and media columnist, specializing in stakeholders management, media intelligence and agenda setting. Business adviser and designer, media trainer and Corporate communication and Public Affairs consultant.
He studied Journalism and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Coimbra; attended XXXV PADE – Program for High Business Management AESE/IES ( vice president).Former president of Radio University of Coimbra and a member of installation committee of the Institute of Journalism Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Coimbra. He is Master in security and intelligence management at NOVA – IMS.
He is a member of the International Association SCIP, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals and founder and Co-Chair of SCIP Portugal.
Regular columnist in the press, Portuguese and Brazilian. Sunday columnist at Jornal de Notícias, since 2009 writes a biweekly column in Coimbra Daily, one of the oldest daily portuguese newspapers.


Author, opinion maker, lecturer, columnist. business adviser, public affairs consultant, media intelligence specialist
AESE | IMS – Universidade Nova de Lisboa | FLUC | FCTUC